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26th FEBRUARY 2020 | 7PM-10PM 


40 Jermyn Street - St James’s

London - SW1Y 6DN




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Michel Ghatan’s latest photography exhibition is inspired by the first verse of the chapter in the Book of Genesis describing God’s first creation: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth”. This introduction is followed by the creation of light which he separated from darkness;  the sky, the land, the seas, the vegetation and later on;  all living creatures of this earth. These same creatures which are still filling our images on a daily basis no matter how old we are or where we live. Paradoxically, God’s other creation “the Homo Sapien” a name derived by the Latin translation of “wise man” has been the architect of the destruction of certain species the past century. The collection of photographs is a testimony to two particular mammals fighting for survival despite the brutality of the “wise man”: The Elephant & The Rhinoceros.

The decision to show this vivacious and rich world in black and white is powerful and thought-provoking. These photographs invite self-reflection and challenge us to consider the extent to which we have desecrated the Wildlife to the point it has become antiquated, a hallmark of a different era.

Michel’s photography makes clear we should never allow humanity to stop fighting to preserve this spectacular world in its original astonishingly beautiful and eternal glory.



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